After traveling across the world and networking with software engineers and aspiring engineers from all backgrounds, I realized only a few small things bridged the gap between the two.

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Wizard Courses was started in 2020 by Ken Brisco. Brisco started his developer career as an entrepreneur and now works on Silicon Beach as a software engineer.

There was a point in my life where I had more ideas than money. I went through the process of negotiating with developers to build apps for me but I became frustrated and discouraged. WHY?  Because their prices were outrageous and their portfolios were mediocre at best. In the midst of frustration and rapid thinking I had an “aha” moment. I said to myself “I have to be in control of the technology! I can do it myself.”. Which led to me creating a few startups and riding down the road of a self-taught developer.  My goal with this platform is to teach developers and aspiring developers how to build scalable products. I will continue to push “Products over Projects”  because that is the key factor between you and your dream job.


Ken Brisco

Founder | Engineer | Creator

“Wake up early and claim greatness over your day because the bulls**t is waiting  around the corner.”

Ken Brisco, Founder & CEO